November 17, 2018

NFF: 16mm Filmmaking – Simultaneous Imagery – Space Limited

NFF: 16mm Filmmaking - Simultaneous Imagery - Space Limited

Date(s) - Saturday, November 17, 2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


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Zach Hart and Allie Wilson are teaching a workshop on SIMULTANEOUS IMAGERY where participants will learn to composite multiple images within a single frame using a Bolex 16mm camera. This method opens up the film frame to a whole new realm of visual possibility. The control allowed over the image without needing to double expose and soften any edges makes this technique more like collage or painting. In this workshop we will also go over basic lighting setups and learn to use a pentax light meter.

Fixing the camera to one spot each set up will be photographed on its own pass through the camera. After shooting the first situation we rewind and photograph the next situation. This method allows for each set up to be completely in focus and for perspective to shift. Generally this would be a filmmaking method that gets configured in post production. Hart and Wilson have worked with in camera compositing, optical printing and occasionally used digital effects. We find that the in camera method ends up producing the most simultaneously thoughtful and surprising images! This workshop is geared toward people with moderate to advanced levels of film experience. No 16mm film experience is required.