January 30, 2020

A canary torsi’s Author at Bodies in Motion

A canary torsi's Author at Bodies in Motion

Date(s) - Thursday, January 30, 2020
12:00 pm - 3:30 pm

33 Hawley St

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CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR premiered in September 2017 in New York City over the course of three weeks with simultaneous presentations at three separate venues. A consortia of four presenters are committed to bringing this trilogy of modular performance works to audiences in New England in 2019/2020 through the support of the New England Foundation for the Arts.

CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR by a canary torsi draws from a collection of audio and video recordings generated with 15 accomplished performing artists concerning the process of casting and the complexities of representation. In a series of conversations, each of the performers sat with choreographer Yanira Castro to discuss a broad array of personal and formal questions about representation in the theater: How do we represent ourselves on the stage? How is our sight affected? Our actual ability to see, to form meaning? What are the structures that construct our sight on stage? What/who is represented and how does that reflect the public? How are different bodies read and what are the perceived and actual limits around the representation of our bodies? Each piece in the trilogy is a radically different, standalone work. Rearranging the relationships between audience, performer, and event, the individual works inform one another and can be viewed in any order or pairing.

AUTHOR is a participatory video installation that invites each visitor to interact with the 15 performers through a text-based computer game. Forming a poetically mediated stream-of-conscious between visitors and the text and video recordings generated by the project’s 15 performers, visitors navigate their relationship to the performers’ language and images on the topics of performing, representation and casting. Resulting in strangely on-point, absurd exchanges, or non-sensical random connections, the algorithm of the game invites the author to discover their own voice inside the machine, to construct their own meaning in “conversation” with the personal material of 15 performers.

CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR is a project invested in how meaning is created by audiences and performers in real time through the languages of theater: spectacle, casting, scores, scripts.

At Amherst College at Kirby Theater, for the first time, CAST and STAGE are being presented as one evening with an intermission. We are thrilled to be developing this unique version of the shows for the Five College area (. Amherst College is partnering with A.P.E. and The School for Contemporary Dance & Thought to bring AUTHOR to 33 Hawley as part of the Bodies in Motion Festival.

AUTHOR open hours at 33 Hawley St, Northampton:
Jan 17th: 5-8p: Opening
Jan 18th: 5-7p
Jan 19th: 3-5p
Jan 25th: 5-7p
Jan 26th: 12-2p
Jan 27th-28th: 12-5p
Jan 29th: 12-4:30pm
Jan 30th: 12-3:30pm
Jan 31st: 12-5pm