August 24, 2018

Artists Reception for: ARC.18 (Activate, Research, Create), Project 4, Building Lines

Artists Reception for: ARC.18 (Activate, Research, Create), Project 4, Building Lines

Date(s) - Friday, August 24, 2018
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

A.P.E Gallery

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A.P.E. presents its summer series: ARC.18 (Activate, Research, Create)
A.P.E.’s third season of summer projects continues to expand the understanding of a contemporary art gallery as an active space within the community. A.P.E.’s current location in the center of Northampton, easily accessible to artists and audience alike, provides opportunities for innovative programming and increases the presence of contemporary arts within a community. ARC.18 consists of four distinct projects that run from June through August, 2018.

Project 4: BUILDING LINES by Chris Serra

Show on view: August 20 – September 2

Living and working in industrial spaces of South Boston and Holyoke, Massachusetts led Chris Serra to explore warehouses and waterfront alleyways and sparked a fascination with the inherent beauty of rundown factory buildings, broken machines and rusted mechanisms.
Combining materials, the artist thinks about how their disparate characteristics will play against or act on each other: oxidized steel bleeding into plaster or a delicate mylar form floating in cement. In this project, Serra will exhibit some of this work in
conjunction with his sketchbooks – the rough “blueprints” for his sculptures. These
books reveal connections and metamorphoses between figurative/architectural and
nonrepresentational images and are accompanied by notes and instructions to the

About the Artist
Chris Serra began his career as an illustrator for The Union News in Springfield. After leaving the paper he became a regular contributor to The New York Times Book Review, working with renowned art director and author Steven Heller. Serra’s conceptual graphic work frequently appears in many publica­tions. Parallel to this pursuit, he has been drawing, painting and making sculptural works for decades. Whether making marks on paper, pouring cement, welding steel or gluing mylar shapes together, the aim is the same – to explore more deeply. Serra is a member of the Oxbow Gallery in Northampton.