May 22, 2020

Back To The Bay State LIVE: Online Film Premiere

Back To The Bay State LIVE: Online Film Premiere

Date(s) - Friday, May 22, 2020
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Back To The Bay State LIVE: Online Film Premiere

Join us on Friday, May 22nd at 7:00 PM for an online premiere of the full length concert film Back To The Bay State. Filmed live on Sunday February 23, 2020 at the Academy of Music Theatre Northampton, Massachusetts. The event and film are co-presented by the Northampton Arts Council, Northampton Open Media, Forbes Library and the Bay State Hotel Music History Archive. The broadcast will take place on the Northampton Arts Council Facebook Page with simultaneous streams on the Forbes Library Youtube Live Feed and the Northampton Open Media stream. Watching all of the streams will be free, but we will encourage donations to the Northampton Arts Council.

The concert film features performances and stories from legendary Bay State era musicians paired with archived audio/video excerpts, all on the Academy of Music stage. See footage from classic concerts, and a firsthand look at interviews and stories from the upcoming Bay State Hotel Documentary.

Performers include Mark Mulcahy, The Maggies, Steve Westfield, Lou Barlow, Aloha Steamtrain, Flower Thief, Mike Flood, Gobblehoof, Drunk Stuntmen, Spouse, The Lonesome Brothers, Matt Hebert, The Unband, The Figments, The Big Bad Bollocks, and more!

Please make sure to plug your audio into a set of speakers in order to hear the full spectrum of high-quality, multi-tracked sound engineered by the one and only Dan Richardson. Special thanks as well to David Newland of Northampton Open Media for his expert editing skills, cutting our lengthy live show into this feature presentation.

The Bay State Hotel provided, as one local writer in the ‘90s described it, “Your chance to see one of the area’s scrappy rock or pop bands in a setting visually better suited to blue hair and meatloaf specials.” Acts like Sebadoh, Scud Mountain Boys and New Radiant Storm King played early shows and developed their sound at the Bay State, while an incredible array of alternative national touring acts and musicians such as Arthur Lee & Love, Morphine, Moe Tucker, Blonde Redhead, Royal Trux, and Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine joined local bands to play in a unique and intimate setting.

Join us for this film premiere highlighting stories and songs from an influential era in the history of Northampton’s music scene. The concert film provides a time machine for audiences who experienced the era, as well as a portrait of the legendary scene for younger generations. Back to the Bay State celebrates, saves and preserves memories from the landmark venue at a critical period in Northampton’s musical history. If you did not make it to the concert in person back in February, now’s your chance to witness the magic.