November 19, 2019

BOM Salzar’s Birthday w/ Lox & Keyes Theory and Pi-Wrecks!

BOM Salzar's Birthday w/ Lox & Keyes Theory and Pi-Wrecks!

Date(s) - Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - Wednesday, November 20, 2019
7:30 pm - 2:00 am

Bishop's Lounge

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Back with another installment of the weekly Bishop’s Open Mic hosted by Tobey Sol LaRoche! This one to celebrate the birthday of one of our regulars, Josh aka Salzar.
Sign-Ups start at 7:30pm
Open Mic 8-10pm
Featured Artists 10pm-12am
And the Open Jam with the House Band led by Zack Bartolomei from 12am-close
Also The Paper Project will be in the building as always led by Max Rudolph for all of your coloring needs!
Lisa Renee Betournay will also be in the building doing some LIVE ART and showing off her sweet paintings/prints! Lisa Betournay ART
Force will also be in the building serving up those ice cold beverages. Don’t forget to tip your bartender!
Thank you Carla Racine at The Buzz, A Honey Pot Production for help with the event flyer!
Promotion and marketing and booking for this special event assisted by The Hilltown Collective

The Lox & Keyes Theory are from the Hartford, CT area. The were founded by frontman Chris “Don Lox” Gordon. After some time getting the band formed and writing all original material, they entered the battle of the bands for Strangecreek in early 2019. They won first place and got one of the coveted late night cabin slot at the music festival in May. They have been a growing unstoppable force since then, playing shows all over New England. They blend funk and hip-hop in a way that you feel in your soul and cant help but dance to!

Pi Wrecks is the moniker of electronic music producer/DJ, Jeffrey Edinger, based out of Western Massachusetts. Inspired by the sound stylings of Pretty Lights and Gramatik, and with a background in hip hop, Pi Wrecks aims to re-introduce “soul” to the electro-soul genre. His heart-filled melodies juxtaposed with tastefully gritty bass and upbeat funky elements create a well-rounded, dynamic listening experience, taking his listeners all over the spectrum of human emotion. Pi Wrecks’ music reflects the deadly combination of someone who is simultaneously a creative whirlwind as well as a perfectionist, with innovative intricacies and meticulous subtleties that continually impress audiences across the country. A true artist in every sense of the word, Pi Wrecks refuses to allow his art to be confined within a box defined by genre, mood, or style, which is why he is quickly gaining momentum and amassing a hungry, loyal fanbase. Ranging from high energy collaborations with guitarists, rappers, and percussionists to downtempo solo pieces, Pi Wrecks’ music demonstrates his versatility and ability to impress a wide variety of audiences while staying true to his artistic vision. With the goal of evoking powerful emotion and connecting with his listeners on a deep, meaningful level, his genuine passions for music and breaking new ground are undeniably contagious in the electronic music community.
During his live shows, Pi Wrecks utilizes a healthy combination of technical skill, intuitive crowd reading, and audacious risk-taking to create a powerful, memorable experience for those in the crowd that is extremely rare to find. A common theme during Pi Wrecks sets is seeing people dance around with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes, as his melodies touch a place deep within and the funky, occasionally heavy bass gets the crowd moving.

Sean Byrne Memorial Music Foundation is dedicated to helping aspiring young musicians fulfill their artistic aspirations and life goals.
We offer a comprehensive program designed to give young people the best chance for success in their careers and life. Our program features recording studio opportunities, lyric writing workshops, meditation classes, life coaching with referrals to mental health professionals and substance abuse support organizations.
Sean Byrne was an influential, up and coming hip hop artist in Western Massachusetts. Sean played to sold out crowds in venues, concerts and festivals across the country. These included a national tour shortly before his death in January of 2017. Sean was active in the community working with other like minded artists, pursuing their dreams.
This foundation is dedicated to him through assisting young people with their art, passion and life’s work.
Please visit our webpage