May 10, 2019

Chuck Stern: Selected Paintings 2014-2018 at A.P.E

Chuck Stern: Selected Paintings 2014-2018 at A.P.E

Date(s) - Friday, May 10, 2019
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

A.P.E Gallery

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WHEN: May 3 – 26, 2019
Artist Reception on Arts Night Out: Friday, May 10: 5-8 pm
WHERE: A.P.E. 126 Main Street Northampton, MA.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 12-5, Friday 12-8, Closed Sunday

Chuck Stern:

These pieces, at least while in progress, are about relationships:
what color next to which, what pattern or shape settles in or calls
for more action, what happens when the paint physically engages with
or ignores or obscures the drawn shape? What excites or calms or
irritates? Often small changes answer large questions.

I work through the relationships and the mood that these relationships
evoke with some patience, as the separate parts of these works often
take their time reaching an agreement. The final arrangement is always
a revelation to me

Chuck Stern BIO

I was born and schooled in Detroit and after my requisite
political/hippy years I filled out my political resume working for
Congressman John Conyers and Mayor Coleman Young. During the Coleman
Young period I was beginning to deep-bed garden and was assigned to
direct a food and hunger task force, which furthered my interest in a
sustainable future. When it became obvious that I was not cut out for
the daily desk, I started building furniture to have an export product
when the time came to plant myself and family on the piece of land
inspired by Helen and Scott Nearing’s books, and Stewart Brand’s soul
satisfying, dream- weaving Whole Earth Catalog and E. F. Schumacher’s
Small is Beautiful.

Following that dream, my wife Patty Arbour, my son Daniel and I landed
in Northampton, Mass., to plant our garden and build our life. But,
life being what it is, the plan evolved in ways unforeseen – the
gardens diminished over time and the art expanded. I made custom
furniture until the proverbial lemon of a large furniture order
cancellation in 1984 was turned into the lemonade of The Artisan
Gallery, which, under Patty’s direction has supported us to this day.
I spent the next ten years developing a critically successful oil
painting career with a nice exhibition and review history. But, more
importantly, the die was cast; I would be a maker of things and an
explorer of media.