January 27, 2020

Crossroads: Stories of Queer Spirit

Crossroads: Stories of Queer Spirit

Date(s) - Monday, January 27, 2020
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Majestic Saloon

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CROSSROADS is a meeting place for all those who worship, pray, and make magic in the margins. It is a gathering of witches and heretics, hermits and revolutionaries, shadow-dwellers and truth-tellers. We are survivors, edge-walkers, and freaks claiming our connections with the Divine. Through storytelling we are offered a mirror in which to see our selves more clearly, to understand our place in the world, and to expand our perception of what is possible.

This is an event intended to share, honor, and receive stories of queer spiritualities. Stories can range from individual experiences in time to overarching themes in one’s life, or anything in between. Topics may include ways that people engage in ritual; how LGBTQIA+ identities intersect with religion/spirituality (or not); times of questioning and struggle; ecstatic moments; solo or group religious experiences; healing and recovery journeys of all kinds; the spiritual dimensions of gender and sexuality; relationships with deity, ancestors, and/or plant/animal/spirit allies; the role of spirituality in political work; and anything else that feels like it belongs here. Storytellers are asked to give content warnings when relevant, and attendees are encouraged to take care of themselves as needed.

We will hear stories from a program of readers hosted by April Gray Robin, with several breaks throughout. Afterwards space will open up for folks to hang out, talk, and connect till the bar closes. Come for a night of revelation and celebration!


My vision for this night is to normalize talking about spirituality in queer spaces, to stoke the fire in our hearts, to support us in feeling less alone, and to tend the need for soul-full community. In no way do I imagine or want for us to have the same spiritualities. Rather I imagine that what brings us here is a pull toward mystery, a deep curiosity about the fabric of the universe, and a reverence for the unknowable.

Each one of us offers something beautifully unique to this conversation. Our experiences and practices of spirituality are as different as we are, and simultaneously I believe we may find a sense of unity in our convictions as queer people desiring liberation…

We are not trying to fit in; we are trying to burn down that which seeks to confine us. We are not out to redeem the faith of our (grand)parents. We do not want mainstream religion to “accept” us into the fold of lukewarm neo-liberalism. We are critical of the ways state religion, particularly Christianity, has been taken up as an ideological and material tool of colonization, genocide, imperialism, and capitalism. So, too, are we critical of the appropriation and commodification of spiritual practices for the purpose of wealth and fame.

We are anti-fascist, anti-zionist, and pro-abolition. We seek the downfall of all that exploits life for profit and endangers our communities, and our spiritualities are an expression of that seeking. We are full of rage and grief and terror. We reject platitudes of hope and comfort in the face of very real systemic violence.

We connect with the Divine in meaningful ways that align with our values and embolden us to be our bravest, kindest selves. We are outcasts and prophets, here to consecrate our words, to create sacred space, to bear witness to and learn from each other, to weave a web among us, to make the Mighty Dead proud.
If you are interested in sharing a story at a future CROSSROADS event, please contact April at aprilgrayce@gmail.com


THE MAJESTIC is so-called western massachusetts’ only queer bar, kitchen, and occasional club. We are committed to holding queer space and hosting events ranging from drag shows to poetry readings and workshops to live music. Want to collaborate? Email us at majesticnoho@gmail.com or DM us on instagram @majesticnoho.

*ACCESSIBILITY: Majestic is wheelchair accessible. There are ramps to entrance and a chair-accessible, gender-neutral, and single-stall bathroom on the first and only floor. There are no bright flashing lights. It is not a scent-free environment.