October 12, 2018



Date(s) - Friday, October 12, 2018
8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Studio 4

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October Theme ~ Dancing Our Shadows
It’s that time of year when we transition to autumn and the balance of dark and light changes. As we move into the dark time, we illuminate our shadow places, by giving them visibility, compassion, voice, movement and LEVITY!

Inspired by Touch&Play, we present, Dancing with Eros, a monthly dance event with the explicit intention of exploring our erotic energy in the dance. Let’s explore for ourselves and together in community what it means to dance with Eros. As a society, we have been acculturated to have shame about our sexual desires. In many dance communities in the country, we have struggled with issues of consent and sexuality in the dance spaces, so much so that many local dances seek to explicitly keep erotic energy separate from the dance.

This is an invitation to allow and follow our erotic energy, with consciousness and care, consent and healthy boundaries.

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