May 2, 2019

EMERGENCE/SEE Opening Reception

EMERGENCE/SEE Opening Reception

Date(s) - Thursday, May 2, 2019
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Cooley Dickinson Hospital

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EMERGENCE/SEE is the inaugural show of the Meadowbrook Arts Camp. Envisioned by two residents of the Meadowbrook Housing Complex in Florence MA, the camp was founded on the belief that each person IS art. What we do with paint, clay, music, pen or dance is an extension of ourselves. The art works are conversations we have with our world and with each other. Each child who participated in the MAC had the opportunity to go on a journey into and through their own emerging “voice”. The paintings and photographs are vivid and vibrant, contemplative and connected.

The first year of the Meadowbrook Arts Camp was underwritten by the Northampton Arts Council. In kind support was provided by various individuals in the community and by Edwards Church and First Churches of Northampton. In addition, the Northampton Arts Council provided funding for a guest artist, Sylvia Boston Johnson, and her Intergenerational doll workshop.

Show on View: May 1st-June 30th

Meadowbrook Arts Camp guidelines
Meadowbrook arts camp is a place to try new things, To learn different ways of creating art, to follow your own ideas and visions and to enjoy each others” company. We believe each person is art and that the paint, clay, music and acting are ways of putting who we are into the world. When we are making new art, our insides are in a tender place as we make ourselves visible. These guidelines help us respect each other, our tools and the art itself. We are careful with each other..

How we talk about the art we make:
● We ask if it is ok to comment on someone’s work (if they say ‘no’ we don’t comment.
● We ask ourselves “what do i like about this piece?” or “what stays with me: what will I remember?”
● We tell the artist the answer to our questions

How we treat our tools:
● We learn how to properly clean our tools and store our materials (paints, clay, brushes and other supplies)
● We lay our art out to dry where it will not be damaged. The teachers store the art in a safe place for us until the show)

How we treat our space:

● We move carefully so we don’t break anything.. If we need to move or run, we go outside for a few minutes and do that.
● We leave the room set up for the next group

How we show our art:
● Each piece belongs solely to the artist
● We will not display art without permission of the artist”s permission in any shows or social media
● We will encourage each other to place our work in public shows and to attend artists’ receptions
● Frames and other display equipment will be loaned by MAC for our shows.
● Art placed in MAC sponsored shows will be returned promptly to artists. Art will be returned unframed but parents will be told where to purchase the frames we use for display.

How we treat other kinds of work:
● Opportunities to participate in dance, nusic, acting and writing will be provided when guest teachers are available.
● We treat the Ideas and practice performances during the guest workshops the same way we treat our art pieces. “What do i like? What will I remember?”

● When we make collective songs and theater pieces, we decide as a group what to put in the song or play. We try out different ideas until we agree. The work belongs to all of us.
● We decide as a group when and where we want to perform each piece. Teachers will find venues and encourage performances. When we agree on a performance we show up as a group.
● Printed stories, essays and poems belong to the author. Authors will be encouraged to participate in readings and to submit work for publication. Teachers will provide contact information and assistance in submitting printed work.