August 5, 2019

Emily & Nickee’s MAAD Birthday//DJ Josef Lincoln Afterparty

Emily & Nickee’s MAAD Birthday//DJ Josef Lincoln Afterparty

Date(s) - Monday, August 5, 2019 - Tuesday, August 6, 2019
9:00 pm - 1:45 am

Bishop's Lounge

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Come out to Bishop’s Lounge on Monday August 5th and help us celebrate your two favorite witchy women Emily Brightman and Nickee Vincentina!!! we are naturally, having an 80s goth theme night, and the best lewk will be winning prizes**!!

some of your favorite local queens will also be performing!!!!

SLY HARLOW is back on her fierce gothy elegance, LOTUS QUEEN is back with her chic & high-fashion theater theatrix, DAMELA CUCA DEVILLE will bring you back from the dead and remind you why life is worth living, and we are SO happy to announce that the one and only VERONICA BOW, our former Miss Northampton, will be back to make us feel feelings you didn’t even know you had!!!!! she truly completes us in life in general, but also in the form of this epic lineup!!!!!!

nickee’s bestie DJ JOSEF LINCOLN ((dj Amazing Love//duderanch)) is also BACK to fill in for Johnnie Oh, and will provide you with the old school monday after party!!!!!! this monday is def not one to miss!!!!

glow sticks and halloween decor and everything u could ever really want in nightlife all packed into one night!


((**prizes tba, hit up the maad team if u are ever interested in prize donations for lots of free advertising! ? we plan on doing lots of theme nights with lots of prizes involved for audience members//maad supporters!))