June 14, 2019

Glacial Erratics/Echo Dune

Glacial Erratics/Echo Dune

Date(s) - Friday, June 14, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

School for Contemporary Dance and Thought

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JUNE 14, 2019

glacial erratics/echo dune
Performance Research presented by Tyler Rai

​Join Artists-In-Residence Katherine Adler and Tyler Rai for a weekend of performance offerings and engagements. The two artists co-present their individual works through the A.I.R. program at SCD&T. Both artists utilize the forms of ritual and performance to acknowledge the permeability of site, soul, and body. Drawing from inspiration that ranges from Walt Whitman to the ghost of a glacier, the artists focus on the performance as a tool for healing and transformation through the embodied conjuring of memory.

What occurs when we allow others to speak through us?
When we decide to be a conduit for the more-than-human world? Find out with us.


glacial erratics is a body of research and form of ceremony that allows space for embodiments of care, kinship, grief, and rebellion with and for the more-than-human world. glacial erratics focuses specifically on the transformation of glacial ice and its retreating existence from our planet. glacial erratics offers viewers space to consider their relationship to longer-than-human time scales and asks how we bear witness to that which is being lost in a changing climate. it asks how dancing for more-than-human life is a way to remember, retrieve, re-encounter, and embody a futurity that is yet to be known.

the piece is intended to be performed as a 75-minute long solo outside at a site that is geologically linked to the path of the Laurentide ice sheet, who carved the lands of the northeast 20,000 years ago. 75-minutes marks the time it took for the longest calving event recorded to occur. masses of ice being witnessed, parting. this is to acknowledge that we are losing extraordinary life on this planet, and that to move forward, we have to remember and care for what wisdom we are losing with the loss of glaciers.

glacial erratics honors the existence of more-than-human origin stories, and how beings like glaciers shape the ground beneath our feet. it also focuses on what can live inside the aftermath of decay, what thrives inside of the rubble left behind. it honors listening through the ground. becoming loyal to it. the body as conduit. listening for the hum of the world. dance as a form of remediation, healing, and survival.