February 10, 2020

Heartbreak Hoe Tell Lit Club

Heartbreak Hoe Tell Lit Club

Date(s) - Monday, February 10, 2020
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Majestic Saloon

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Your favorite host Jayson Keery is back at it with the weirdest Lit Club yet. A night of readings, performance, installation art, ritual and a workshop. Jayson does not totally understand what is going on but you probably don’t want to miss it.

Readings are preceded by a 6:30pm Heartbreak Workshop: Sam Chaplin LICSW hosts a workshop to learn about the process of resolving heartbreak.

8pm-Readings/Performance Chaos
Featuring: @cosmicdryft and Swapna (m.donahue/phemale)

Swapna (m.donahue/phemale) aims to explore the theoretical practice of inducing hypnagogia and other brainwave entrainment using auditory and visual cues. Presented through a combination of resonance speakers and traditional amplification, specific tones are played according to the target brainwave frequency. Visual presentation is location dependent, but the goal is to mirror common dreamstate situations and aesthetics. We always aim for the otherworldly.

@cosmicdryft performing My Love To The Men I Left In 2020: A tale told in three parts, a box, lights, a sign imperatizing gay sex, a mirror, ashes of burnt confessions, and not a sex tape.
@cosmicdryft, sometimes as a wolf and sometimes as a salamander, currently resides in Western Mass. They pay their bills by teaching college students that genre is the only thing that matters. When not thinking about their students, @cosmicdryft works with poetry and photography as a way to tell stories about queer intimacy in the 21st century. Highly influenced by the 1600s, @cosmicdryft attempts blur the distinction between what was and what is to emphasize moving beyond to what has not yet been.

Sam Chaplin LICSW is a queer femme psychotherapist, educator, and creator based in western Mass. In 2019, she released an e-book titled “Doing Crying: a Guided Healing Workbook for the Lovesick”. Join Sam for a workshop to learn about the process of resolving heartbreak through self-reflection and creative expression. Workshop attendees will receive a special discount code to purchase the book for 50% off!
THE MAJESTIC is so-called western massachusetts’ only queer bar, kitchen, and occasional club. We’re committed to holding queer space and hosting events ranging from drag shows to poetry readings and workshops to live music. Want to collaborate? DM us on instagram @majesticnoho or send us a message at majesticnoho@gmail.com

**ACCESSIBILITY: Majestic is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramps to entrance and a gender-neutral, single occupancy and chair-accessible bathroom on the first floor.**