November 16, 2018

NFF: Experimental Non-Fiction Shorts: Program 1

NFF: Experimental Non-Fiction Shorts: Program 1

Date(s) - Friday, November 16, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Parlor Room

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Please join us for the first of three juried screenings of experimental non-fiction shorts, submitted by filmmakers from around the world. These programs aim to provoke dialogue about such issues as the ethics of ethnographic practice, intersections between fiction and realism, and formal experimentation, on equal measure to their subject matter. Juried by film makers Saul Levine and Emily Drummer, programmed by Sarah Lanzillotta.

Program 1: TRT 1hr 31min
Friday November 16th, 7pm, at Parlor Room, 32 Masonic St, Northampton

City of Tomorrow, Gavin Hipkins, 10 min 58 sec, 2017
Chandigarh’s modern architecture is explored through Le Corbusier’s early writings on repetition and order. The architect’s zealous ideals taken from his 1929 The City of Tomorrow and Its Planning are revisited via the buildings and symbolism of the planned capital city.

Helios, Eric Stewart, 5 min, 2018
Time-lapses of cacti and succulent over the course of a year. Environmental data drives the tone and filtration of the sounds while the rising and setting of the sun illuminates plant growth in and out phase with each eachother.

Connect Haven – Interior, Zach Hart and Allie Wilson, 8 min 23 sec, 2018
Take a moment to observe the constructed nature of the virtual landscape, a feast for the senses. Breath in the sweet urban air and hold in the refined scent of imported, synthetic oxygen. Hear the echoes ricochet off of the plate glass windows. Lost? Wondering how to revisit this exact spot? Drop a pin and reference our new 3D maps. Feel the objects that surround you and remember, war once overtook these lands. Appreciate the safety and security of sight available through the window of your screen.

The Land Within, Jeannette Louie, 13 min 44 sec, 2016
Amongst the billions of mechanistic neurons existing in the human brain, one singular neuron wonders about the existence of a soul.

FOREIGN QUARTERS, Rajee Samarasinghe, 14 min 41 sec, 2017
The condition of distance, genetic to the ethnographic image, traces the elusive qualities of my mother’s past and persona as a woman of partial Chinese heritage.

Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf, Hope Tucker, 16 min 40 sec, 2018
Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf is a monument to the power of public protest and the potential of a democratic vote.

Diana, Traci Hercher, 8 min, 2018
A portrait of a woman self-actualized and a total solar eclipse.

Applied Pressure, Kelly Sears, 6 min 21 sec, 2018 Ease the pain from past physical and mental distress. The body remembers. Aches may linger. Lay prone, breathe deeply, release tension. Sequential images sourced from dozens of massage books are activated to reflect on recent public conversation from this past year surrounding bodies, massage, and trauma.

Phototaxis, Melissa Ferrari, 6 min 50 sec, 2017
“Phototaxis” draws parallels between Mothman, a prophetic and demonized creature in West Virginia lore, and Narcotics Anonymous, the main treatment program in West Virginia’s addiction epidemic. Rooted in nonfiction, this film contemplates synchronicity and the role of belief systems in perception; the tendency to assign supernatural meaning to tragedy and the unknowable; anonymous and apocryphal oral histories; and the moth to the flame. To visualize these narratives, natural materials and pastel-on-paper palimpsest animation are woven together using a multiplane and analog overhead projection.

XCTRY, Bill Brown, 6 min 18 sec, 2018
Brown re-works 16mm footage that he shot years ago during a cross-country road trip from Chicago to Las Vegas. The spatial discontinuities of the road trip are rendered as visual continuities across three frames as Brown goes in search of the next town to fall in and out of love with.