January 28, 2020

Q/T Comedy Showcase

Q/T Comedy Showcase

Date(s) - Tuesday, January 28, 2020
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Majestic Saloon

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::: hosted and curated by Ashlynn Cradic :::


ッ Lorelei Erisis ッ
Lorelei Erisis is a super-queer, very-trans, Second City trained improviser and activist comic. Sometimes, comic activist. Whatever it is she does, (even she isn’t really sure….) she calls it, “Improvised Standup Storytelling.” Basically, she has very few filters and has lived a genuinely odd and often adventurous life that she’s weirdly happy to tell crowds of strangers about.

ッ Peter Angelo ッ
Peter Angelo was a quarter finalist in CT funniest comic contest and performs all over new england, from clubs to bars to tattoo conventions. Metalhead, truck driver, and full of surprises making audiences of all kinds laugh through his unique life perspective

ッ Allie Generaux ッ

Allie Genereux is a Comedian from Western Massachusetts. She also plays for the Boston Renegade’s women’s tackle football team in which she is a 2x national champion. Her anecdotal and observational humor gets a unique bent from her life as a transgender woman. You can catch her doing shows in and around the Boston area at venues such as Improv Boston and The Comedy Studio.

ッ Daniel Fogarty ッ
My name is Daniel Fogarty I love fried chicken, Sasquatch documentaries and most of all attention! So make sure you tell me I’m pretty at the show!! ?✨ ?

ッ Minna Gorry-Hines ッ

Minna Gorry-Hines is a Massachusetts born and bred comedian who has a good 2 years of experience doing stand-up and 21 years of experience being a generally funny person. They are a college student, a middle child, a decent guitar player, decently well read, not at all well traveled, and a huge fan of scrambled eggs.


ッ Ashlynn Cradic ッ
Ashlynn Cradic is a Massachusetts based comedian from Mississippi. When she’s not posting memes on her shitpost Facebook page, Ash can be seen performing jokes highlighting the life of a young lesbian trans-woman in modern day America.

ッ 21plus ッ
ッ$10 cover / notaflof ッ
ッ show begins at 7:30 queer time ッ
ッ bar open 5-1 / kitchen 5-11 ッ

THE MAJESTIC is so-called western massachusetts’ only queer bar, kitchen, and occasional club. We’re committed to holding queer space and hosting events ranging from drag shows to poetry readings and workshops to live music. Want to collaborate? DM us on instagram @majesticnoho or send us a message at majesticnoho@gmail.com

**ACCESSIBILITY: Majestic is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramps to entrance and a gender-neutral, single occupancy and chair-accessible bathroom on the first floor.**