February 1, 2020

Sculptures by Jon Bander and Photographs by Marty Espinola

Sculptures by Jon Bander and Photographs by Marty Espinola

Date(s) - Saturday, February 1, 2020
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Marty Espinola
“I enjoy taking photographs of the endless variety of subjects provided so abundantly in nature. We are presented every day with unique scenes and subjects worthy of our attention. Sharing my visual and emotional experience with others has always been an important part of my work as an artist. The images in this exhibit hopefully express my appreciation as well as my emotional response to the gifts of nature that come my way.

“I have been taking pictures for over 60 years starting with my mom’s Kodak 620 folding camera at the age of 13. During my years as a school teacher I worked weekends as a newspaper and freelance photographer. Well over 100 of my photos have been published in magazines and newspapers. I’ve had many exhibits in western Mass and in central Connecticut. Now that I’m retired I enjoy not only pursuing my love of nature photography but also teaching classes andmoderating small photography groups in and around Northampton.”

Jon Bander
“Throughout my life I’ve been surrounded by art and machinery. Born the son of an artist and an auto mechanic, I always found myself drawn to the beauty of mechanical shapes. My creativity is inspired from my need to destroy: taking apart different things and recycling old discarded parts in different ways to give them a new life. Sometimes it can be a bird made out of old cutlery or a hand made out of rusted bicycle chain. I work with very hard materials, which is the nature of metal. What I find exciting about that is to take something so hard and cold, and to make it appear soft, warm and inviting.”