June 20, 2023

Skin in the Game: Investigating risk & togetherness

Skin in the Game: Investigating risk & togetherness

Date(s) - Tuesday, June 20, 2023 - Saturday, June 24, 2023
7:00 pm

A.P.E. Ltd

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Lailye Weidman, with Catalina Hernández-Cabal, Alta Millar, Madison Palffy, Ashley Shey, and Meredith Bove (dramaturg)

Open to the public:

Tuesday, June 20: 7-8:30pm (open rehearsal)

Thursday, June 22: 12:30-2pm (open rehearsal)

Saturday, June 24: 2pm, informal showing and conversation

Skin in the Game: Investigating risk & togetherness is a week-long process-based residency investigating the following questions: With the continued threat of a powerful illness in our midst, how do we move together in meaningful ways? What is needed to care for each other? How has the risk of contagion registered in our bodies, shaped our movement, brought us together and pushed us apart? Choreographer Lailye Weidman will work with four performer-collaborators—Catalina Hernández-Cabal, Alta Millar, Madison Palffy, and Ashley Shey—in daily rehearsals utilizing practices and scores that center bodily negotiation of proximity, connection, touch, and vulnerability during this uncertain time of the lingering-pandemic. The artists will also explore the porousness of the gallery, its exposure to the street through glass windows and the potential for passersby and patrons to engage with the choreographic process and its content. In addition to exploring togetherness amongst the performers, the choreography will also consider the ways that the public moves and gathers in relationship to the performers. Skin in the Game refuses to forget or ignore the pandemic. Rather, the artists seek to learn from its reverberations in their bodies and to chart a path forward that honors the risk of shared breath.